Invoices are managed at Admin area > Invoices section

Checking current invoices

The overview page shows all the recently generated invoices sorted by date. Clicking on invoice line will open invoice details.

Changing invoice status

It is possible that you have agreed to pay invoice in cash or somehow else and you need to mark the invoice as paid. To change invoice status from pending payment to paid manually, go to invoice details page and click on “Mark as paid”.

Find a specific invoice

If you need to find a specific invoice, you can use the Invoices > Advanced search page. You can search by invoice ID, date, client name and invoice status.

Invoice details

When you click on an invoice you will see extended information about including invoice date, client the invoice was generated to, and the list of transactions involved.

Issuing a custom invoice

You can issue custom invoice for a client if he needs something specific. You can do this by navigating to Clients -> Overview, click on the client you want to issue invoice for, press Invoices tab and then click on Issue custom invoice.


You can check the transactions via the Invoices > Transactions

This is the list of actual transactions attached to your invoices. The amount of transactions do not necessarily match the amount of invoices, as some of them are made on subscription, and some invoices are generated without any payment required.

Transactions are logged when instant payment notification from payment gateway is received.

Refunds automation

BoxBilling can handle refunds in 2 different ways. After refund transaction from payment gateway is received BoxBilling can perform one of these tasks:

  • Generate new invoice with negative refund amount continuing paid invoice numbering. Refund amount must match refundable invoice amount.
  • Generate credit note (credit memorandum) with refundable amount referencing the original invoice. Credit note does not continue paid invoices numbering. Has unique numbering series and new sequence.
  • Do nothing. Leaving ability for administrator to manage refund manually.


If you want to refund custom amount you can create custom invoice with negative amount.

Invoice statuses

Invoices has these statuses:

  • paid - Invoice is paid. All paid invoices has a numbering sequence.
  • unpaid - Proforma invoice.
  • refunded - refund invoice.
  • canceled - use canceled status to imitate invoice as deleted, but keep record in database. Useful if you need to keep invoice order intact.