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Do I still need to buy PRO license if I use open source BoxBilling?


How to obtain license key?

Get license at http://www.boxbilling.com/order

How can I access BoxBilling admin area?

BoxBilling admin area is located at url: http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?_url=/bb-admin. This link can be changed in bb-config.php file by editing value of admin_area_prefix.

I have modified theme file but changes did not appear. Why?

Set BB_DEBUG to TRUE in bb-config.php file

What are the differences between Pro and Free versions of BoxBilling?

See differences at order page http://www.boxbilling.com/order

Blank page or Error 500

Missing or disabled curl extension

BoxBilling use curl a lot - its by default enabled in php, but sometimes its either not present or its in list of disabled_functions in php.ini

Using phpinfo() or php.ini check whether curl extension is enabled, if not recompile php. If curl_exec is within disabled_functions list, remove it from php.ini

Cache folder is not writable

bb-data/cache folder is not writable. BoxBilling keeps compiled templates in this directory, if its not writable it may result with blank page error. To fix that: CHMOD 777 bb-data/cache

Low memory_limit

Blank page may occur on some server environments, where PHP does not handle garbage collection properly. Increase memory_limit in php.ini to reasonable value - over 128MB is always safe or upgrade PHP to latest version.

I get an error: Call to undefined function gettext() in …

Make sure you server has gettext extension enabled. Contact your hosting provider to enable it for you.