Selling SolusVM VPS

BoxBilling enables you to sell virtual private servers using SolusVM API

Enable SolusVM Extension

BoxBilling ships with solusVM extension by default. It can be enabled in Extensions > Overview page.


Once you have enabled extension you will be redirected to SolusVM configuration page.

Configuration page is always accessible at BoxBilling admin area > Configuration > SolusVM management


SolusVM configuration

Go to BoxBilling admin area > Configuration > SolusVM management menu


To create an API user in SolusVM click Configuration >> API Access from the top menu then select Add API User.

When BoxBilling is able to connect to your SolusVM master server you can start configuring BoxBilling products.

Disable IP checking after API user is created if you are not sure what IP address will be used to connect to SolusVM master server.